Friday, August 11, 2006

UK authorities to test schoolchildren randomly for drugs

According to this article, published in the Guardian on the 10th August 2006, the US Drug "Tsar", John Walters has been promoting random drug testing in schools in the United Kingdom when speaking recently to the UK education minister, Jim Knight. Walters is also said to be against harm reduction policies such as needle exchanges. It seems like these drug tsars are acting like their namesakes; cruel tyrants.


chrisbx515 said...

This is a waste of money and time and runs the risks of labeling youths. I am sure there must be a violation of human rights issue to. Far better to have a program of education for healthy living and drug awareness and let young people make thier own choices. Its another example of the UK government following the US.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it might keep some kids away from using cannabis. But it is going to do nothing to stop them using solvents or alcohol. Or stop the kids who really have a problem or who are getting one because they will just not come to school.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the world is going more and more insane. Since when did the free world cry in unison "WE WANT TO BE RULED OVER!"

The US is out, Canada is now lost, and the UK is little more than cheerleader for the US.

I'll take liberty, free thought, and self ownership any day to tyranical oppression from the moral authority. Especially when their arsenal is lies, hidden agendas, and ignorance.