Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cannabis safer than tobacco in drug classifications

The Independent from the 1st August 2006 here lists the drug classifications which government advisers had established on the basis of scientific evidence but which have been ignored by the Home Office. Both alcohol and tobacco are deemed far more harmful than many illegal drugs.
The same paper later criticizes the existing classifications in much the same way that the recent parliamentary committee has done (http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_medical/article1207620.ece.


Anonymous said...

This is surely extremely imprtant news, proving scientificly what every drug taker allready knew. I was extremely happy to see LSD down so low in the tables and MDMA lower still. I have written to my MP asking why this report has not been given much more weight in parliament and asking he do his utmost to bring the report into the spotlight. However he seems happier playing is his asbostos commite.

Mark Pawelek said...

The report was only published last Monday, 31 July. Parliament is on holiday (umph ..., I meant recess) over the Summer and will start again on 9 October.