Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Frankly, my dear...

The drugs information website 'Talk to Frank' has surpassed itself, launching a new game designed to keep the kids away from the devil's weed. 'Dope Dash' requires players to run for as long as possible to avoid such caricatures as 'Hash Boy' and 'Skunk Zombie', who seek, apparently, to corner unsuspecting teenagers and blow smoke in their faces.

Whilst there is certainly a strong case for reminding youth of the potential dangers of cannabis, a drug too often referenced as 'safe', this regression towards the supposedly defunct era of 'Reefer Madness' is not the way to do it. Embarrassingly for Frank - whoever he is - the protest-strewn 'Dope Dash' leaderboard only confirms this. It's a shame really, Frank is generally quite balanced and has otherwise been improving.


Anonymous said...

Its a shame really, I wish now that I had saved copies of the first versions of Frank. They were at the same time the funniest and most depressing things the government has done for a long while.

There was a massive list of mistakes and errors, Caroline Flint (the woman who was in charge) should have been sacked, but of course she wasnt.

Majeed Neky said...

I'll have a look on the web archive machine website - would be good to see those!

Anonymous said...

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