Friday, August 18, 2006

Supine Support for Staff

This article from the Mercury News, published on 17th August 2006, highlights the cowardice displayed by the Democrat congressional campaigner, Coleen Rowley, in dealing with an unpaid member of staff's weblog in which he calls for the legalisation of all drugs. This may cost David Bailey his unpaid job. By capitulating to the opposition's slurring of David Bailey's stance on the "drug war", the Democrat campaigner has subliminally endorsed the opposition's viewpoint and has cravenly failed to debate the subject matter.

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Anonymous said...

Politics is nasty, especially if its near the vote, add to that the fact that most of the voters dont think properly about the issues and its easy for things like this to work.
It reminds me of a story I heard about a US election years ago, where one of the candidates started a rumor that the other party had 'relations' with his pigs. He knew it wasn't true, but wanted the man to deny it, because as soon as he denyed it people would think it was true.