Friday, July 28, 2006

US Congress To Breach Constitution to Prohibit Online Gambling

Here is yet another example of recent attempts by politicians in the US to abuse ancient freedoms to "protect" individuals, in this case from themselves. Congress is proposing to prohibit online gambling for Americans which as the article (linked via the above title and published in Deseret News on the 26th July 2006 by Walter Willams) points out is a breach of the 10th Amendment. Acting ultra vires seems to be in vogue for the existing US administration and has devastating consequences for personal freedom everywhere. As Williams makes clear this is a slippery slope. Let's hope the Senate rebuffs their meddling.


Ali G said...

Tessa Jowell MP Labour

…” we can prohibit, regulate or leave it to the market. Prohibition does not work - it drives the activity underground…”

“Only ideological extremists favour a free-for-all where only the laws of the market hold sway. So the third option is regulation - and regulation with as much emphasis on the quality of the debate as the policy outcome. 'Better regulation' has to mean government engaging people in the decisions that affect their lives and doing so in new and better ways”.

Source: 'Grown up politics for an adult world' The Guardian 21.11.04

Anonymous said...

John Reid MP Labour
“Prohibition doesn’t work, as the US found out many years ago.”
Source: Jeremy Vine programme, BBC Radio 2, 11.11.04