Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Australian Green Party to allow heroin prescription

This article, posted on the 18th July 2006 in the Age, reveals that the Victorian Green party would prescribe heroin to long-term addicts, would abolish criminal penalties for illicit drug use and would test heroin injecting-rooms across the state. All these policies would be undertaken under trial conditions to monitor their effectiveness in terms of harm reduction. The trafficking of illegal drugs would continue to face criminal sanctions.


Mark Pawelek said...

That doesn't seem to have caused much fury in the Oz green party in contrast to the Democrats with that party withdrawing support from their MP Sandra Kanck who dared to tell the truth by saying that Ecstasy was less dangerous than alcohol.

Personally, I don't know why Heroin DCRs need to be trailed as we already have evidence that they work.

Apologies for the appalling pop-ups at that free site. I hope to move the content to a less intrusive site soon.

daksya said...

mark, set up an account at the Drug WarRant forums. You can start topics and collect links.

There's also the (Dutch) Central Committee on the Treatment of Heroin Addicts studies.