Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Proposal to Stop Addicts Having Children Unworkable

The Scottish Drug Forum lambasts proposals to prevent drug addicts having children until they are clean and to force existing addict parents into mandatory cessation programmes or risk the loss of children or rights to free prescriptions. The proposals by the Labour Party in Scotland are "unworkable" and "counter-productive". The chairman of the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams is quoted as saying "These proposals smack of cynical expediency and a depressing lack of vision." He also wonders why obese or alcoholic parents aren't to be treated to the same proposals as drug addicts.

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Mark Pawelek said...

This idea is so crazy it smacks of the worst kind of authoritarianism. Heroin using parents are not going to stick any such agreements forced upon them by the state. What will the government do in retaliation? Starve children or put the children in a foster home? Will the courts even allow that?

This measure smells like a grab for the political soundbite. It hasn't a chance of working.