Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watch Speakers from Transform's 'Ending the War on Drugs' Event

We have now uploaded footage of the speakers at our 'Ending the War on Drugs' event which has held last month in London.

This was a really successful event, with some great speeches from a range of people who each provided their own particular insight into the so-called 'War on Drugs'.

The speakers are Angus MacQueen, award-winning documentary maker and director of the recent Channel 4 series 'Our Drugs War'; Carel Edwards, former head of the European Commission's Anti-Drug Coordinating Unit; and Misha Glenny, a specialist on Southeastern Europe and author of 'McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime'.

Carel Edwards speaking at Transform Event from Transform on Vimeo.

Misha Glenny speaking at Transform Event from Transform on Vimeo.


daniel carter said...

Great watching!
But I can't make the third (last) one work.

I can watch just the first two. I'll try again later to see if the last one is working.

Thanks a lot for uploading them.

strayan said...

I really want to see Angus MacQueen's bit on GHB.

There's a fantastic comparative analysis on Alcohol and GHB which I'll reference below. What is most interesting, is not that GHB appears in many ways to be safer than alcohol, it is that the whole exercise appears to have lead the authors to one conclusion: drug classification is an unevidenced based mess.

Sellman, J.D., Robinson, G.M. & Beasley, R. (2009). Should ethanol be scheduled as a drug of high risk to public health? Journal of Psychopharmacology, 23(1), 94-100.

By the way, is there video or audio from your talk in New York? I think at the Bar Association?

Steve Rolles said...

Daniel - last vid is working fine for me.

Jake said...

Great vids! Don't know if I'm happy or upset that lots of people 'in the know' realise the futility of drug war. Don't think I realised just how many people have come to the same conclusions as us... still.. does look as though quite a few realise the current policy is ultimately unsustainable..doesn't it?!

Organized Rage. said...

Out of interest were there an addicts at this conference, the real victims of the war on drugs. For example, I know an addict who has been registered for more than 40 years, yet not once has anyone asked her opinion.

Why does that not surprise me.