Monday, December 13, 2010

'The Nation' magazine special issue / cover feature on ending the Drug War

Great to see yet more mainstream media coverage of the drug law reform debate, this time in a special issue  of The Nation Magazine. The cover story includes a visual riff on the logo of the infamous D.A.R.E drug prevention program, a gag used previously by Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP is covered in one of the feature articles, by SSDP director Aaron Houston - see below).  

The feature content list is as follows (most available online for non-subscribers):

A special Nation forum, with contributions from Ethan Nadelmann, Marc Mauer, Bruce Western, Tracy Velázquez, David Cole and Laura Carlsen.
The prospects for reforming drug policy have never been so good. Ethan Nadelmann

Congress's vote to scale back mandatory sentences for federal crack cocaine offenses was a watershed in the long campaign for better drug policy. Marc Mauer

America doesn't have a drug problem. It has a poverty problem. Bruce Western

Drug courts have helped some addicts recover. But they may be delaying expansion of treatment programs that will best reduce harms from addiction. Tracy Velázquez

(Subscribers only) The drug war has been waged not only on traffickers and users but on liberty and equality. David Cole

(Subscribers only) The problem with the drug war in Mexico is not that it's unfunded. It's unwinnable.Laura Carlsen

Despite the defeat of Proposition 19, growers in California are expanding a profitable system for cultivating pot. Sasha Abramsky

Fueled by serious funds, young advocates of legalization are poised for big gains. Aaron Houston

The administration is promoting failed law enforcement programs as economic stimulus. Michelle Alexander

The killing in Juárez bears less resemblance to warfare between cartels than to criminal anarchy. Ed Vulliamy

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Excellent articles. not your average drug war spiel.