Monday, March 17, 2008

UNODC and the NGO forum: "yet again sir, you do not answer my question"

Below is a short Youtube film made my the Hungarian Civil liberties Union (who also provide a commentary on their blog here), one of the numerous NGOs attending the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna last week. The encounter between UNODC director Antonio Maria Costa and Frederick Polak from the Netherlands, representing ENCOD, was one of the more depressing episodes of the weeks deliberations, following on immediately from the '1000 lunatics' comments described last week (more video incoming).

We should probably not get too distracted by the rudeness and poor conduct of one individual even if he is the executive director of the UNODC (not for long one suspects, if he continues to insult and condescend to members of civil society who do not share his viewpoint).

More importantly, there were some relatively positive developments to take away from last weeks event, both in terms of resolutions that were past (more details on the momentous human rights resolution to follow), and in terms of NGO engagement which, despite the inappropriate and ill tempered outbursts from Costa, was unprecedented in its scope and impact.

I will blog a more detailed reflection on the week in the next few days, including links to the various relevant NGO and official documentation and reports.

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Anonymous said...

The Society Is Sick.
For How Long Shall We Let Idiot People Like Costas Decide Our Lifes.