Wednesday, March 05, 2008

INCB prioritise celebrity tat over human rights abuses and mass murder

I have just done a brief interview with Channel 4 lunchtime news, which, like the rest of the UK media, is covering the INCB's comments on celebrity drug use. I tried to push some of what I saw as more pressing issues but the editorial decision had been made. Quite aside from the fact that this issue (celebrity punishment) is not even remotely the remit of INCB (and they have no evidence that celebrities are treated any differently to anyone else - I actually asked the INCB's Hamed Ghodse at the studio), there are evidently far more important issues for the INCB to be concerned with.

This excellent Aljazeera report, posted on YouTube, covers Thailand's 2004 drug crackdown in which over 2000 people were executed by police, and the threatened revival of this murderous policy by the new PM, Samak Sundarave.

PM: We must do... we have a war on drug.
Q: Are you worried about the innocent victims?
PM: ...what do you mean by innocent victim?

The evidence of these horrors is not disputed, but the INCB, despite some welcome rhetoric about human rights and proportionality in the new report, has notably remained almost completely silent on this outrage over the past 4 years, making any talk of human rights ring hollow. In its press pack for the new annual report Thailand is only mentioned once, and that is a passing reference to cannabis cultivation. Celebrity drug use gets top billing in the opening proportionality discussion and press releases and the death penalty is not mentioned. Unsurprisingly, media headlines have been dominated by this completely irrelevant non-story, more the realm of Heat magazine than the UN.

So Kate Moss or 1000s of extra-judical police murders. Which do you think is more important?


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john-boi said...

THis is outrageous thank you for bringing this crime against humanity to my attention. That the western world can ignore the wholesale slaughter of both innocent and so called guilty fellow humans in order to perpetuate the war on drugs is outrageous.