Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SHOCK absence of reefer madness in this week's IoS

Having been away for the Bank Holiday I had the pleasure of not having having my Sunday sullied by to read the latest installment in the Independent on Sunday's six week born-again war on cannabis (covered extensively elsewhere in the blog), with all its misrepresented statistics, sensationalism, misunderstanding of public health policy and lazy drug-panic journalism.

It was therefore with some trepidation that this morning I reluctantly tapped 'cannabis' into the Independent website search engine to see what would pop up. What would it be this week? Having already recycled most of the usual reefer-madness material from the past few decades (super-strong genetically modified Franken-pot that will make you into a violent, insane, heroin addict with cancer etc..) the only territory left was getting increasingly obscure; infertility, teenage boys growing breasts, mutant six-toed canna-babies, psychotic skunk-zombies storming the IOS offices?

'give us Owen and we'll spare the rest'

But then.....nothing

Feeling slightly robbed, I found myself imagining the front-page splash headline:




Unknown said...

It appears to be two weeks in a row!

Derek GG said...

Steve, on about half way down you have a broken link - a picture from the Wellington Website; which has been upgraded hence the url is invalid.

Don't know how else to let you know ...