Friday, May 04, 2007

The Terrible Truth - 50's anti-drug video

Another long lost classic from the Anti-Drug archives. Watch out for Chuck, the sharp-suited drug peddler, who leads the helpless young victim from reefers to helpless heroin addiction and depravity in a couple of weeks.

Things have improved, a bit, on the drugs education / prevention front since then, but it has been 50 years so you would hope so.


daksya said...


In Bloglines, your feed, even when set to "summaries if available", still displays the entire post with images et al. For those of us on dial-up and capped connections, consider including short summaries or a new feed with just that. It'll be easier to scroll, too.


Steve Rolles said...

Cool - ill try and figure out how to do that...

Ben said...

I just had a quick look at the blogger options and it seems that you can only have full posts or summaries -- not both.

If the size of the feed is a problem you can limit the number of posts like this:


That would return 3 posts instead of the default amount.

Or maybe we will try short feeds and see if anyone complains. :)