Friday, April 13, 2007

Unhappy birthday for SOCA

SOCA's annus horriblis must be even more dispiriting for all concerned given that the agency is only 1 year old. They really have had a shoca.

In January the blog discussed how the historic failure of supply side drug inteventions combined with populist 'get-tough' law and order politics provided the backdrop for the emergence of the the new Serious Organised Crime Agency - and also suggested why it was reportedly running into problems. A recent report in the Guardian to mark the agencies 1st birthday details the ongoing problems.

To the good folks at SOCA, just so you in the future you don't say we didn't warn you, to spell it out again: supply side drug control is doomed to fail because of high demand for drugs combined with the brutal economics of unregulated markets run by criminal profiteers (aka prohibition). No10 knows it, The Home Office knows it, in fact anyone who has even glanced at the evidence (that would be the trillions of pounds/dollars spent on interdiction whilst drug production, supply and availablity have increased consistently for 40 years) know it too. Its OBVIOUS: really, theres no more evidence required.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting link...

Massive drug seizures solve world crisis

I must admit I hadn't made the Mr Bean connection..

Anonymous said...

Its got to be fairly depressing to know you are working for an organisation which is effectively pointless.

That and it costs twice as much money to run as it takes from the 'Mr Bigs'.