Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Transform in the round

On the off chance you've ever wondered what the wonderful world of Transform Drug Policy Foundation actually looks like in real life, here is a picture of our Bristol office:

Transform 2006

Top left is Nat,Transform office manager. Moving round clockwise, that's Fran in the doorway, our previous office manager whom Nat replaced (the photo was taken last October during their handover), then that's Transform director Danny in the doorway and me in the red t-shirt.

*photo-nerd warning*

For the curious: This image is made up 83 separate shots stitched together with an ingenious piece of (free) software called autostitch , then 'transformed' into a stereographic projection using another devilishly clever piece of software, a photoshop plugin called flexify. I took all the shots standing in the centre of the room, except -obviously- the three or four that I'm actually in, which Fran took. So now you know.

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