Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nursery School Children To Be Taught Dangers of Drugs

The Scottish council, West Dunbartonshire Council , has just paid £20,000 to a scheme called High 5 Lifestyle which is an anti-drugs message for children too young to write but presumably old enough to be inculcated with whatever it is that the High 5 Lifestyle preaches . The author of this scheme, Alistair Ramsay, previously worked for an anti-drugs organisation which the Scottish Executive has just scrapped. The article mentions not one jot of evidence that this scheme will be effective but then when did taxpayers ever get policy backed by evidence on the drugs issue? Luckily for Mr Ramsay.

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Anonymous said...

How very odd, many kids cant even fully talk at age 3. I know Holland starts early with its health and social education, but I doubt they are playing 'name that drug' before the kid can even write.