Monday, March 12, 2007

Major new meta-analysis of public opinion polls on drugs and drug policy

A new information page has been added to the fact research guide (on the main Transform website), concerning ‘public opinion on drugs and drug policy’.

This new page has been made possible by the first ever published collection and analysis of opinion polls on drug policy and law from around the world. Titled 'Attitudes to Drug Policy and Drug Laws: A review of the international evidence' . This unique meta-analysis is the most comprehensive research yet undertaken on the subject, produced by Dr Russell Newcombe, who has been diligently (you might think obsessively – it clocks in at 91 pages, pdf format) compiling a huge range of studies from the past 15 years.

This report, published online exclusively by Transform, spans research on attitudes to drug policy and drug laws, covering America, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and the UK, as well as providing details of attitudes within key professions and demographic groups. It identifies important trends, suggesting that public opinion is becoming more informed about drugs and drug policy, and crucially, more open to reform.

This graph compares the poll results commissioned by different organisations because there is no centralised year on year data collected. It has been compiled by Dr Russell Newcombe as a supplement to the report linked above; ‘Attitudes to Drug Policy and the Drug Laws, A Review of the International Evidence’.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Robw! I never imagined someone would really make an in-depth analysis on the relational effects of drug addiction and drug policy in the international setting. It must have been so comprehensive especially it took 15 years to complete the whole study. I hope it also says something about drug rehabs. Kudos to Dr Russell Newcombe!