Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New look blog - whaddya think?

There's still a few little tweaks to happen but we are nearly there. Comments welcome - post them below or email Thanks to Ben, Rob and Alex for help with the blog makeover.

FYI - The little buttons below each post, that say DIGG, DEL.ICO.OUS, and REDDIT allow you to clock any given blog entry at one the three biggest social bookmark sites (we may add a couple more at some point)

You will need to register at each but this only requires you to input a user name and password (no personal info required) and takes about two seconds. These sites then rank stories/blogs according to how many times they are bookmarked, providing user-interest driven content to their visitors, and bringing in more readers to interesting or quality blogs. It would be great if you can show your support for the blog by making the (minimal) effort to bookmark pages youve found interesting - and that you think others might also.

cheers - The Transform blog team

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