Friday, February 09, 2007

Catalan politician proposes legalising all drugs

The English-Language Spanish news site Typically Spanish this week reports on the public pronouncements from one of the growing list of senior European politicians openly calling for a pragmatic new approach to drug policy and law:

"The head of the Catalan government’s Interior Department, Joan Saura, has proposed legalising all forms of drugs as a way of fighting drug trafficking and its associated illnesses.

Speaking in an interview with the TV3 television station, the leader of the ICV party was asked if he supported legalising the consumption of cannabis: he responded, ‘All drugs should be made legal. It’s something I’ve always defended.’

He explained that legalisation does not mean being in favour of drug-taking itself, but that it should form part of a series of measures to put an end to drug trafficking. Saura added that partial prohibition is not the best way to dissuade people from taking drugs."

photo - EFE archives

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