Thursday, September 07, 2006

Russian Radicals Seek Legalisation of Marijuana

This article from Interfax, published on the 6th September 2006, describes the Russian Radicals group seeking the legalisation of lighter drugs such as marijuana. This group is also seeking to end the teaching of Basic Orthodox Culture in Russian schools. It seems surprising and perhaps counter-productive that they describe themselves as radical as their policies seem thoroughly rational.

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800 pound gorilla said...

When lies and propaganda are the norm - then the truth becomes radical. In the USA the dangerous drugs mythology in one form or another has been around for over 100 years - starting with morphine prohibition after the Civil War. The lie being that government prohibition is based on the fact that banned substance is clearly more dangerous than alternatives. We teach the dangerous drugs mythology in our schools with no useful information being given about the responsible use and functions of drugs in a healthy lifestyle. And the pharmaceuticals positively LOVE this idea! It diverts attention and allows them to spend billions in drug ads promoting over reliance and drug dependency - with great success! Over a third of adults over 45 are drug dependent - most of them suffering from multiple dependencies. The dangerous drugs mythology is a bonanza for big drug sellers.