Monday, September 11, 2006

Magistrates' Motion against Marijuana

According to this article, published on the 9th September 2006 in the Daily Telegraph, the annual meeting of the representatives of UK magistrates in November will be debating the downgrading of Cannabis to a Class C drug. According to the article magistrates are worried that young people are increasingly "hooked" on cannabis and are turning to crime to fund their habits. They therefore are seeking to change the classification of Cannabis back to a Class B drug.
Although there is no evidence whatsover that the classification system has any effect on the drug consumption mores of the young, the motion by the JPs to reverse the reclassification reveals a complete failure to absorb the findings of the recent cross party Science and Technology Select Committee which found there was no link between drug classification, deterrence or prevalence of use.

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800 pound gorilla said...

This only confirms my contention that there are no SCIENTIFIC standards for drug classification. This standard has to do with users. If users commit crimes to finance addiction then the drug is banned. Actually, if criminals start using the drug, regardless of whether they actually need the money for drug addiction, that is criteria enough.

Since people in the higher income brackets steal money from friends and family, they seldom get on rap sheets. Often their thefts are tolerated - until they are confronted and sent to drug counseling. So even though the drug war is not targetting minority populations in low income areas, its enforcement is racist in reality.

Have you ever wondered why police designate marijuana as a "low priority". It's because people from "good" families use it exclusively. People from "bad" families use other drugs. If they can't prosecute "bad" family members on possession or dealing for other drugs they won't hesitate to prosecute them on marijuana possession - but it isn't a high priority.