Monday, December 15, 2008

White power, anti-semitism, anti-prohibitionism and Peter Hitchens

It's an old thread (April 2007), but you don't get to watch the White Power guys at perform in the drug policy arena too often. Thankfully too, I don't come across many forums where I see the phrase "Danny Kushlick = Jew".

You can see the full thread here Some excerpts follow.

On the war on drugs:

"If the 'war on drugs' requires Britain to have the world's highest per capital execution rate then I am not squemish about that prospect."

Peter Hitchen's wisdom on crime:

"I have mentioned this book several times - A Brief History Of Crime by Peter Hitchens demolishes every single argument spouted by the legalise drugs rabble I urge everyone to read this book."


"I tend to favour legalizing all drugs. I don't take any narcotics myself but if people want to do so then let them. Prohibition didn't work for alcohol in the 1920's and prohibition on drugs isn't working now. All it does in ensure the huge profits from drugs go into funding criminal gangs and the very people our troops are fighting in Afghanistan.

It is crazy for us to allow the profits from heroin to go to fund the Taliban in Afghanistan who were are fighting. By allowing British farmers to grow poppies we would striking a huge economic blow against the Islamists.

Currently drug dealers have a huge economic incentive to peddle drugs to kids so as to set up the drug consumers of the future. If people could simply go to a government run supplier then there would be no alternate economy for drugs. Plus there would be no problems with cutting and impurity.

An incredible amount of crime these days is fueled by drugs. It would be far cheaper for insurers to pay for these drugs than to shell out for all the break ins which currently go towards financing drugs.

Either that or we fight the war on drugs to win. Shoot every single person found with any kind of illegal drug on them as we would any collaborator in a war."

The value of draconian deterrence:

"Put it this way, if you told me I could be shot if caught drinking, I still wouldn't think twice about having another beer."

Crop eradication:

"Several years ago scientists developed a genetically modified virus which could wipe out heroin poppies. The virus could be spread by aeroplane - as the Americans used 'Agent Orange' in Vietnam or surruptitiously introduced by special forces troops.

Instead of just getting on with the operation the government consulted environmentalist groups who - incredibly objected to the plan !.

So thanks to a handful of green cranks thousands of people, addicts and their victims have to suffer."

My Jewishness:

"'Danny Kushlick, director of the pro-legalisation Transform Drugs Policy Foundation, said the new study backed his view that attempts to discourage drug use were pointless. 'We know from evidence that misuse of drugs is related significantly to social ill-being and social deprivation. You cannot deal with that stuff with education and prevention or through teaching younger and younger children. You deal with it by redistributing wealth and improving wellbeing.'

What a load of tosh.

Danny Kushlick = Jew - merely using this issue to argue for transferring Whites' hard-earned money to useless Blacks."

And finally the recognition that Aryanism is not a panacea and that it might need a little liberalism too:

"Are you happy for Aryan people to harm themselves with Alcohol and tobacco? Fast cars? Risky sports? Sounds like the road to a nanny state (though well intentioned).

I certainly think Kushlick has half a handle on the issue. Some people do turn to drugs as a way out of dealing with certain life issues or circumstances. A generally healthier society would lessen this.

Take blacks out of the equation - drugs will be there when they're gone. An all white Britain will still have to deal with the issue."

The problem is that it's a very slippery slope and no one should be taken out of the equation by a discriminatory and unjust law on drugs. And we look forward to our political leaders saying as much in public...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you missed out this gem:

"i would make one area of country legal for drug use no matter abcdefg class block it off from the rest of the uk and say you have your spot enjoy use all the stuff you want kill yourselff your choice be happy whatever.

"anybody found USEING! outside this designated area will be exeuted no questions asked."

Aww, they're so cute aren't they?

Pete said...

The disjointed ramblings of a total lunatic... Quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Danny,you're a jew? I'm very disappointed.;o)

Danny K said...

Disappointed in me being kind of Jewish (mum wasn't) or disappointed in me more generally?
If it's the latetr, please join the back of the queue : )

Anonymous said...

That latter queue is far too long....
Nah,i was only joking mate!

Anonymous said...

If your mom isnt jewish then nor are you according to the jewish law principle that you can only think that you know who your dad is. Obviously this right-wing site is strictly for extremists, but the persecution of drug users by the state ain't that far from cristalnacht.

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre observation....

"The ludicrous portrayal of ‘cold turkey’ as a death-defying ordeal in the film French Connection II has a lot to answer for. "

As if watching Gene Hackmans excellent portrayal glamorised heroin for anyone back then. I must have been about 12 or 13 years old when I first saw it, and I can honestly say it stayed in my mind with sufficient realism, to discourage any association with heroin throughout my influential years and beyond. It was my first experience of heroin realism, and definitely had more effect than any other "drug" exposure had on me.