Monday, July 01, 2013

No more war on drugs with Transform designer mugs

Ever thought of making a regular donation to Transform, but were put off by the lack of a merchandising incentive?  Well, we've put that right.

You can now show your support for drug policy reform with one of our new ‘No More Drug War’ mugs. These beautiful artworks are made from fine English bone china, and have been individually produced and expertly decorated by the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, here in Bristol.

Below are examples of some of the beautiful, original designs available.  

So, what's the cost of this wonderful new addition to my home, I hear you ask.  It's free! 

To get your hands on one these limited edition, hand crafted mugs, all you need to do is visit our donations page, sign up to a £5 (or more) monthly donation with Transform and then email requesting your free mug.

You'd be an absolute mug to pass up on this...

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