Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Transform at AIDS 2010 in Vienna: photo blog - day 1

Transform and IDPC are co-hosting the Drug Policy Networking zone in the Global Village space at the huge AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna (see this previous blog for more details). With over 20,000 delegates it is the biggest health conference in the world. Below are a few images from the first two days. More detailed reports from the conference will follow during the week...

Setting up the drug policy networking zone in the Global village
on Sunday

over a 1000 kgs of materials arrived safely from around the world

Setting up the literature table

The completed zone

Opening recenption for human rights Harm reduction and drug policy zone

Protest against failure of governments to meet AIDS funding commmittments

Chinese protesters

Clinton addresses the conference plenary session
"We know harm reduction works"

the vast plenary session venue (looking back from the half way point)

Ethan Nadlemann from the Drug Policy Alliance speaking at the first session

Ethan Nadlemann from DPA, Ann Forham from IDPC, and Niahm Eastwood from Release

Two of our Global Village volunteers

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