Friday, April 16, 2010

Bedford Row Chambers: Peace in Our Time symposium to consider an end to the war on drugs, May 13th


  • Professor David Nutt, Former Chair of the ACMD,  
  • Frederico Silva, Head of Terrorism, Drugs and Corruption Unit Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  
  • HHJ Pearce-Higgins QC, Crown Court Circuit judge, 
  • Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst for Tranform.
  • Chaired by Paul Mendelle QC  
Venue: Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, 6.30pm May 13th

Please email if you are interested in attending.

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Anonymous said...

Followed by a drinks reception?..How apt. Nik

Grub said...

Doesn't look like they'll use the word 'drugs' as the Misuse of Drugs Act does; instead they'll use it as prohibitionists do, to mean 'controlled drugs'.
So much for legal experts!

Anonymous said...

Where are the women?

Steve Rolles said...

Fair point - but for a one off event, it just work out this way sometimes. They worked very hard to get a good line up and certainly approached a more balanced gender spread of guests than the line up might suggest.

Sunshine Band said...

What difference does it make what gender the speakers are? If you argue that surely it's the same as sexism from another angle.

I'm more concerned to know if they have anything incisive to say. I agree with Grib and think the title is suspect (corroborated by Nik'sd onservation of the free drugs being dispensed afterwards) - to talk of the war on drugs is to miss a vital issue - it is the was on some people who use some drugs, never forget that.

Joseph Allchin said...

great to see such an event taking place, would be good if a third world (producer nation) perspective could be considered even if a representative/voice is not present.

Steve Rolles said...

Efforts were made to find someone from a Latin America decrim state. I will certainly be making sure the focus is not too parochial.

Stuart Glendinning Hall said...

Last time I went to event like this in SF in '99 I heard Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance use the phrase 'push down, pop up' to refer to the reactive effect of the current policies. Hope to hear some good sound bites tonite!

antony little said...

so how did the even go? how did people find it?