Thursday, July 23, 2009

Narco Wars: Can the war be won? Video discussions

Last week Danny Kushlick, Mike Trace and David Raynes spoke at the Frontline Club to explore whether the war on drugs can be won.

You can watch the video here (sorry, the embed code doesn't seem to be working) Well worth a look to see the range of views

Danny also debated drug policy at the Cambridge Union in April this year, with Kathy Gyngell and Professor Neil MacKeganey.

Worth a look, to see Kathy and Neil try to defend the indefensible.


the prof speaks sh*te said...


You are getting a few complimentary mentions over at Iain Dale's Diary - . You might want to pop over and comment on Dale's wrongheaded post about cocaine.

Ewan Hoyle said...

Why does heroin prescription have to be "free"? Surely you could eliminate a lot of the criminality by reducing the cost of a habit from around £350 per week to £50-75 per week. Retaining a cost per unit of drug gives financial incentive to reduce use. The public would likely also be a lot happier with drug "prescription" if they didn't have to pay for it.

Danny K said...

Sorry Prof, Steve's away and I've only just moderated your comment. Thank for the shout.

CLong said...

Good video, but please Danny, try avoid the "Um" in your talks, I know its hard work, but it really is distracting became a bit more noticable than the valid information you provided to the panel.

Danny K said...

Hard but fair. I'm a notorious 'ummer'. I'll try to be a bit more conscious of it next time.
Thanks for the feedback.


Chris Long R16 said...

Hi Dan, sorry for the bit of upfrontedness with regards to the "umming". It's a pet hate of mine and I to have succumb to it all too often, but just taking a breathe and slowing down in your flow will help a great deal and will make the things you say stand out in the true light of what you mean. You have put across some very very strong arguements but I feel the media is well against us in the fight to allow us the right for a private life and to end this stupid war.

With light of the media coverage regards to what has been said, its nice to see more people coming out and letting the government know, via the media, that its time to stop wasting time and resources and better manage the system. But its the likes of the daily mail with melanies rants and the idiotic posts of "hang dealers an imprison users for 50 years" that really drives me nutty.

Also to add that im really dissapointed that the Guardian has not picked up on the recent remarks and actually published anything either way.

Oh well, heres to hoping.
I really appreciate the work you and your team are doing on behalf of the fight...I just hope there is a storm behind your sail to push you through the barriers of the media propaganda and into a place of real, adult debate. I only wish I could be there to speak my mind as a person from the streets who has seen the change and damage done by this governments misinformation and prohibitionist tactics.

Thanks and my apologies for being so up front >..<

Peace n Chicken Grease.