Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Honduran president calls for legalizing drug use

Some intriguing breaking news about the increasingly open debate amongst Latin American leaders around new approaches to the drug problem (and the drug war problem). From the International Herald Tribune:

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says drug consumption should be legalized to stop violence related to trafficking.

Zelaya says that "instead of pursuing drug traffickers, societies should invest resources in educating drug addicts and curbing their demand." He proposes establishing mechanisms for legalizing drug use.

Zelaya spoke Monday at a meeting of Latin American and Caribbean anti-drug officials. He did not say whether he would introduce legislation to legalize drugs in Honduras.

Rodolfo Zelaya, head of the Honduran congressional commission of drug trafficking, rejected the president's comments. He told meeting participants he was "confused and stunned by what the Honduran leader said."
also reported on the AFP Wire:

President Manuel Zelaya proposed legalizing drug use, which he said would free up Honduras's financial resources and defang international traffickers.

"The trade of arms, drugs and people ... are scourges on the international economy, and we are unable to provide effective responses" because of conventional legal restraints, Zelaya said Monday at the opening of the 18th meeting of regional leaders against drug trafficking.

Drug ministers from 32 Latin American and Caribbean nations are meeting in Tegucigalpa with United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime until October 17.

Drug users should be considered "patients," said Zelaya, stressing that consumers could be treated by doctors and pharmacies, and would benefit from government social programs.

"Rather than continue to kill and capture traffickers, we could invest in resources for education and training," the Honduran leader said.

We will try and get hold of the complete speech and provide more discussion and analysis over the next few days.


brandon said...

Nice step forward, unfortunately Bush is going to be all over it. Let's see what sanctions are imposed. Hell, maybe even war will be started. Wouldn't be surprised.

Brandon from The Drug Wars

Steve Rolles said...

Bush is history, I dont think he cares much about Honduras right now. See the miniblog - the debate has also sparked off in Mexico

Anonymous said...

a very wise man!

Come on Gordon,you can do it too! ;o)

Anonymous said...

They won't allow them to do this, as it's a well known fact that Western governments are involved behind the scenes in the criminal drugs trade. The CIA controls the cocaine trade, as well as heroin smuggling from Afghanistan (which is the main reason they went into that country). Still it's nice to know not all world leaders are corrupt, even if most of them are.