Wednesday, June 04, 2008

TV documentary: Prime Time Investigates: War Without End

An extraordinary documentary marking a new level in broadcast journalism critiquing the international war on drugs was shown on Irish TV last night (3 June 2008).

Filmed in Colombia, Ireland, England, the US, The Netherlands, Switzerland and many more, it includes a veritable who’s who of drug policy experts on all sides of the debate (Including Transform's Danny Kushlick).

It is absolutely unequivocal in demonstrating the futility and massive costs of fighting the war on drugs, as well as suggesting legal regulation as a viable alternative. A must see for anyone interested in the debate.

The entire program can be viewed online here


Anonymous said...

A well-argued piece, shows like this are essential if societal attitudes towards prohibition are to eventually change. My regards also to Danny for his excellent contribution.

Hicksville said...

Absolutely magnificent stuff. Probably the best documentary on the subject I've seen thus far (and I believe I've seen it all).

Great job by Danny, as expected!

john-boi said...

Great programme I only wish this was shown in the UK

Anonymous said...

Danny , well done.... you are inspiring others too.