Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5th graders selling 'happy crack' at school.

At first glance this clip seems like something from Onion News Network, or The Day Today , but no, this really is a KCTV news item about kids 'as young as five' selling sugar and Kool-Aid powder in 'plastic bags' and calling it 'happy crack' (Kool-Aid, the popular US powdered fruit drink, it turns out was called 'fruit smack' in its previous syrupy incarnation).

Make of the clip what you will; worrying sign of the times and harbinger of an epidemic of child sugar snorting (send in the Black Hawks!), or media-hype drug-panic news-filler based on one kid who stayed up past bed time the previous night copying something he saw of CSI.

Either way, BE AFRAID.


Anonymous said...

The sugar high is a completely fictitious phenomenon; you can't get hyperactive from eating sugar. Those who do act high are just acting out the behavior they think is expected of them.

If the children are not trying to get a sugar buzz, then they are just playing around. When I was at school we used to joke about taking hard drugs, but we never had any intention of actually taking any.


- SoFoS

Anonymous said...

what is so bad about that at least they are not snorting real crack.

Unknown said...

The complete irony of the final comment made by the reporters obviously goes whooshing right over their heads

"Any homemade substance does not have the guarantee of safety provide by regulatory standards"

Duh!! That's EXACTLY why the real "crack" is so dangerous in the first place -or why crack even exists: because the legal and regulated sale of coca or cocaine is turned over to criminals by our corrupt & draconian prohibition regime.

Anonymous said...

My sister had a six grader on her bus that was selling this and he had added some other stuff to this happy crack and it was not candy.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? If you allow children to think that it is ok to act like they are high or intoxicated you are allowing them to believe that this is ok, therefore allowing them to think that doing these things like drugs and or drinking are appropriate. Drinking is tolerable at a certain age, however using drugs are by no means ever acceptable at any age or in any way tolerable. For you to even think the way you do says alot about you and makes you look ignorant... You are obviously not a parent and if you are I pray for your children!!!