Friday, August 24, 2007

Foriegn Policy Magazine and Fox News ask 'should drugs be legalised?'

The drug law reform debate has been getting some high profile coverage lately. Last week saw powerful opeds in the Washington Post and Washington Times, the week before saw two more in the Financial Times. This week sees a cover story in the prestigious Foriegn Policy magazine (this is currently subscription only - but the text is available here thanks to

The Foriegn Policy cover story by Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadleman (who has written on this subject for FP in the past) has also garnered some comparatively rare coverage in the US's conservative Murdoch news channel Fox News. Whilst the brief studio discussion is dismnissive, the actual news piece does at least allow for Nadleman to make his point and summarizes the arguments reasonably well.


porphyrios said...

This should be the whole story.

Steve Rolles said...

thanks - Ive updated it.