Tuesday, December 12, 2006

End Drugs Prohibition and Sign Our Petition

This petition goes directly to Downing Street, so please sign up and make our case for ending prohibition heard!


Anonymous said...

i think all drugs should be legal. leave it up to the individual to use or not.

ron mccollom..

Anonymous said...

The legalise drugs arguement is fatally flawed and akin to opening Pandora's box. Drugs like crack and heroin do damage whether they are sold in £10 bags on street corners or in £10 bags from the chemist. The only benefits of the street dealers are there is less packaging and so less enviromental damage. People don't control crack use, crack use controls people.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more that the drugs do damage regardless of who sells them. However the illegal drugs do far greater damage by containing all sorts of dangerous impurities, by being sold without health advice and warnings and for being sold at extortionate prices. It is prohibition which keeps the prices inflated and forces users into crime to pay for their addiction. Prohibition also sparks ancillary turf wars amongst the criminals fighting violently for control of the market. Legalised markets will make drugs and communities safer.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you agree drugs are harmful and so it must be all the impurities in crack that causes users to binge on it, suffer from psychosis and violent mood swings. It must be the lignocaine in adulterated heroin that causes it to be so addictive. It must be the glucose in cocaine that causes the septum to disintergrate...yes clearly it is the impurities that are the danger. And hey heroin addicts don't use heroin it's really dangerous so on a every deal lets put a Government Health Warning warning of the dangers of addiction because we do that with cigarettes and that really works, doesn't it? But I know lest redduce the prices because that will cut crime, lower drug prices, lower crime rates, oh but now your crack user instead of having a £10 pay day treat can afford £10 Government supplied £1 deals. Sorry I work day in day out with people desperate to stay drug free and ask any one of them don't legalise is the clear and unequivocal message.
PS Basics but drug dealers don't mix in strychnine as a matter of course, it doesn't make economic sense to kill off your customers.

Steve Rolles said...

anonymous 1 and 3

Its reasonable to be concerned about legalisation and regulation but you cant deny that there is already a huge problem and current policy has failed to prevent it worsening over the past 40 years - that is the spur for the reform movement.

The pandoras box is already open - lots of people use drusg now. We have a cjhoice over whether they are supplied by the state in some way, or by criminals. its not ideological position - its a pragmatic one.

Your sarcastic second post doesnt really illuminate any serious points. Drugs are obviously potentially harmful, but equally obvious is that those harms are increased when they are supplied illegally. Legal supply wont make problematic drug use stop or reduce drug deaths to zero, but it will reduce overall harm - which is the aim of policy.

Remember 2002 when 70 people died from a single batch of contaminated heroin. It does happen - and it can be avoided.

chrisbx515 said...

I also work as a drugs worker and the fact remains that people take drugs legal or not. Prohibition will never work, and never has worked.There is no evidence that the legality of a drug deters people from use if anything the evidence leads the other way. The argument for prohibition is the one that is fatally flawed.