Monday, June 12, 2006

Safe injection sites encourage detox in users

This article from the Vancouver Sun, published on 8 June 2006 ( shows that liberal approaches to currently illegal drugs lead to harm reduction amongst users. In this case Vancouver's safe injection sites have led to more users seeking detox.

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Mark Pawelek said...

The recent article in the Lancet vol. 367, pp1830-4 (2006) by Carlos Nordt and Rudolf Stabler describes the Swiss policy for treating Heroin addiction. This is well worth reading. The Swiss approach has resulted in a steady decline in Heroin use. There are still heroin addicts in Switzerland but the average age is increasing year by year. New users are far fewer than a decade ago. Users in treatment are much healthier than was the case before the Swiss adopted their harm reduction approach:

1) I have transcribed it to HTML here: The Lancet v367, pp1830-4 (2006)

2) The PDF, as available from the Lancet is here: The Lancet v367, pp1830-4 (2006)

3) I discovered another PDF version which looks like a pre-release (B/W diagrams): The Lancet v367, pp1830-4 (2006)